Small Kitchen Appliance Reviews

The Best Blender 2019 – Ninja Mega Kitchen System

By Anna / February 5, 2018 /

  Having a good blender in your household will make a big difference whether you are just starting the paleo diet or have already been using the paleo diet principles. When I started the paleo diet I did not realize how much preparation was involved. That time I had an old blender that did not…

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Best Air Fryers in 2019

By Anna / May 18, 2018 /

Do you have an Air Fryer? Honestly, I never heard of such a thing until a couple of friends mentioned their positive experience on having it. Then I also thought that air fryer is similar to the deep fryer and is suitable only for finger foods. Well, it turned out that an Air Fryer could…

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Best Slow Cookers 2019

By Anna / April 1, 2018 /

Nowadays a slow cooker is one of the kitchen items that a lot of households have or consider to have. With our busy lifestyles sometimes we do not have much time left cooking or do not have an ability to go to the restaurants on such occasion. If you would like to simplify your life…

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What Is The Best Vegetable Spiralizer in 2019

By Anna / May 4, 2018 /

If you have been on a gluten-free diet before or would like to start, you have probably heard about a magical tool called vegetable spiralizer. Spiralizer is one of a few tools that you would want to have if you are looking for a vegetable substitute for pasta. However, there are tons of different spiralizers…

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Best Cookware in 2019

By Anna / March 19, 2018 /

A good cookware is one of the must-have items in the kitchen. It is one of the main helpers that you would want to have a great experience with. What is the best cookware? – is probably one of the questions that a lot of us ask when our current set gets worn out. Since…

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Best Propane Portable Grills in 2019

By Anna / May 27, 2018 /

Finally, the summer is here! What does it mean? It means it is time to get ready for a barbecue season! Did you know that you could cook delicious Paleo-friendly food using the barbecue? I am sure you know it! Now it is not only a barbecue season, it is also a camping season! It…

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Best Cuisinart Food Processors 2019

By Anna / May 6, 2018 /

A food processor is a very useful helper in the kitchen, especially when you follow the Paleo diet and need to do a lot of meal preparations. Depending on the range of functions, it can handle a wide range of tasks and make your job easier. The purpose of this post is not only to…

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Best Cast Iron Pans Review 2019

By Anna / April 7, 2018 /

Have you ever wondered why a lot of chefs use cast iron pans? It seems like a trend to me as everywhere I look the cast iron pan is the way to make the food looking so appetizing. It also gets more and more popular to use it in the Paleo diet and other modern diet recipes…

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Best Kitchen Knives in 2019

By Anna / March 5, 2018 /

  If you are looking for the best kitchen knives, you have to deal with some important things. In addition to the selection of the perfect material, this also includes the question of the scope of the set. For this, you should know the different types of knives and their areas of application. Since it…

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Best Electric Pressure Cookers in 2019

By Anna / February 26, 2018 /

  The pressure cooker itself is already a kitchen helper that you definitely would like to have in your kitchen. In addition to the ease of use, it is also the special taste of the food that should be mentioned here. Cooking becomes even easier with the best electric pressure cooker. In this review, I…

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