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Best Paleo Snacks in 2020

By Anna / June 29, 2018 /

Have you decided to go Paleo? Are you worried about your snack times? This is one of the most common worries for a lot of us have when we decide to follow a healthy lifestyle. The Paleo diet excludes certain foods that used to be a part of our day-to-day meals, including snack meals such…

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Best Paleo Protein Powders in 2020

By Anna / May 12, 2018 /

If you have been Paleo for some time and also do workouts you probably wonder if there are good Paleo-friendly supplements that would help you reach your goals. The supplements itself together with the proper diet and exercises may be a powerful tool that will allow you to reach your bodybuilding goal. One of the…

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The Paleo_Diet_Grocery_List

Order Paleo Food Online – 5 Paleo Diet Essentials That You Can Buy Online

By Anna / February 14, 2018 /

The paleo diet is a very easy diet to follow once you get your head around it (read more about main paleo diet principles over here). The next question is where to buy some ingredients that are paleo friendly. Nowadays a lot of grocery stores have health/organic sections where all these ‘goodies’ can be found.…

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Green Chef Reviews – Start The Paleo Diet Worry Free

By Anna / March 13, 2018 /

You have probably heard about a meal kit delivery services, where you receive a certain amount of meals for a family of two or four people. Basically, you receive already pre-measured and pre-packaged meal kit together with the recipe cards with detailed cooking instructions. Green Chef offers this kind of service. However, what does make…

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