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What Is Almond Milk Made Of And Is It Good For You?

By Anna / February 8, 2018 /

Nowadays almost every grocery store will have almond milk/beverage on its shelves. It gets more and more popular among people who follow low-carb diets and the paleo diet will be one of them. If you follow the paleo diet principles or even just started, dairy is one of the foods that is excluded from the…

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Homemade Almond Meal Recipe – 3 Easy Steps

By Anna / February 20, 2018 /

We love the almond meal and almond flour. It is grain free and allows substituting wheat in a lot of baking recipes. If you follow paleo or ketogenic diet almond meal or flour is a must have the item in your pantry (find here the paleo diet grocery list). You can find almond meal and…

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