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Bulletproof Diet Plan – How Is It Different From The Paleo Diet



When it comes to weight loss or eating healthier there are so many dieting options available on the market. The Bulletproof diet plan is one of them.

Both of the diets share very similar principles and goals that sometimes is hard to distinguish.

Both the Bulletproof diet plan and the Paleo diet aim to make you feel healthier, more energetic and get rid of bad eating habits.

Both of the diets exclude grains, gluten, and sugar.

However, there are certain differences that make those diets unique and applicable to different health goals.


Where To Start?

The Bulletproof diet plan was founded by Dave Asprey, who calls himself a ‘biohacker’. On his official website, the ‘biohacking’ term has the following meaning (1).

(v): changing your environment from the inside-out so you have full control of your biology; using your body as your personal laboratory, finding the exact hacks that work for you.

(n) The art and science of becoming superhuman.

Dave Asprey founded the Bulletproof diet based on his personal experience of weight loss. But he has not only created a diet, but he has also made products that suppose to help in weight loss and increase your performance.

Similar to the Paleo diet principles the Bulletproof diet principles are based on the realistic approach to dieting. What it means is that it is a nutritionally well-balanced diet.

It aims to burn fat and release tons of energy for your best performance. The Bulletproof Diet suppose to help you not only to lose weight and increase your productivity but also to improve your immune system by nourishing your body with the right foods.

The Bulletproof diet shares similar diet approaches to the ketogenic diet, especially when it comes to reaching ketosis for the most effective fat burner. However, the methods of reaching the ketosis and the intensity of the ketosis phase itself differ between these two diets.

Dave Asprey offers a free Bulletproof diet roadmap that will help you understand not only what you are recommended to eat but also how much and when.



What Are The Differences With The Paleo Diet?

Even though both of diets share similar principles of following a healthier lifestyle and increasing overall productivity, there are certain differences that need to be mentioned to exclude confusion between these two diets:


1. View Of The Weight Loss

The Paleo diet concept is based on what our ancestors used to eat many years before the processed and refined food was introduced.

The Paleo diet is more of a lifestyle, where weight loss is not its primary goal, but the benefit you get following its principles.

The Bulletproof diet mainly concentrates on the weight loss. The founder of the diet created a diet that helped him to lose 100 pounds in a short period by eliminating sugar, grains, and gluten and by increasing good fats’ intake.


2. Idea of Fasting

The Paleo diet does not focus much on fasting as weight loss is not its primary goal but a nice benefit. However, there are certain paleo diet modifications aimed at the weight loss where fasting is incorporated.

Because the Bulletproof diet’s main goal is weight loss, fasting is one of the main principles of the diet. You are probably familiar with the intermittent fasting, where you do not have any food for 16-24 hours.

The Bulletproof intermittent fasting is slightly different. The idea behind it is to reach true nutritional ketosis by using brain octane oil.

After consuming a right amount of brain octane oil, your body immediately will start process fats’ and increase your ketone levels to 0.48. Dave Asprey calls this level of ketones – the ‘Goldlocks zone’.

What it means is that you will have more ketones than somebody who eats carbs but less than the ones on the keto diet. It also means that you stop craving food.

You can find the video by Dave Asprey below explaining in details the idea behind the Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting.



3. Limit of Fruits Intake

The Paleo diet does not limit the fruit intake through the day.

The Bulletproof diet, on the other hand, limits the fruit intake to 1-2 servings per day. The recommendation is also to prefer low fructose-containing fruits (like berries) over higher sugar fruits (like apples or bananas).


4. Amounts of Fat Consumption

Generally, the Paleo diet supports low to moderate fat consumption. The main fats’ consumed are traditionally coconut oil, olive oil, and ghee. Of course, there are different modifications of the paleo diet principles and you will find in some modifications that grass-fed butter is also acceptable.

The Bulletproof diet is closer to that principle to the ketogenic diet, where the more goof fat you consume, the better it is. And the reason for that is to get you into the ketosis faster in order to start burning fat and satisfy hunger.

The Bulletproof diet allows consumption of fats’ like grass-fed ghee, brain octane oil, XCT oil  and cacao butter.


5. Cooking methods

The Paleo diet does not specify how exactly you should cook your food. So it is acceptable to fry and bake your food.

The Bulletproof principle is to use a gentle cooking process to avoid the protein damage by frying, grilling, smoking or baking at high temperatures.

The diet supports slow cooking using low temperatures (below 320°F). It is not recommended at any point to fry or microwave food.


What Is Bulletproof Coffee Diet

As you probably know drinking coffee is acceptable while on the paleo diet. Though the strict paleo diet does not recommend coffee consumption.

One of the main Bulletproof creations is Bulletproof Coffee. The Bulletproof coffee is a black coffee mixed with grass-fed butter or ghee and brain octane oil. You would think that this mix should not go well with the coffee, but indeed based on the reviews of the customers it has a nice creamy taste. Moreover, for better weight loss results it is recommended to replace breakfast with the Bulletproof Coffee.

See below the video explaining what the Bulletproof Coffee is.



Is The Bulletproof Products Suitable For Paleo Diet Followers?

The answer will probably depend on what version of the paleo diet you are following. The strict Paleo diet does not allow processed foods and any type of dairy. From that perspective, most of the Bulletproof products will be considered as processed foods.

However, the Bulletproof company offers some products that are paleo friendly, like grass-fed ghee or cacao butter. If you are following the paleo diet and do workouts the company offers fantastic protein powder that is relatively paleo friendly (apart from that it should be considered as processed foods from the paleo perspective).

Also, if your main goal is weight loss, you could use the Bulletproof diet as a start point and once the desired weight is reached, you could follow the Paleo diet principles to maintain your weight and healthy lifestyle.


Our Final Word

The Bulletproof diet and the Paleo diet share a similar goal of making people healthier. Both of the diets exclude sugar, grains, and gluten.

Though the bulletproof diet is more focused on the weight loss and has more in common with the Ketogenic diet rather than with the Paleo diet.

If your primary goal at this point is weight loss the Bulletproof diet will be a great fit for you. Moreover, it offers you not only a free roadmap to the diet but also products that will help you to achieve your goal.

However, if you have reached your weight goal the Paleo diet will suit you perfectly as a maintenance lifestyle diet.

Also if your primary goal is not to lose weight but to get and feel healthier, the paleo diet will be the best fit for you.


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Great article! I learned so much, thank you. I am really intrigued but the differences! Who knew? Wow! I would love to incorporate Bullet Proof coffee into my routine, I am certainly looking forward to learning more here.


Hi, I have been looking into diets and this Bullet Proof Coffee struck me. When you get to the age of 51 the body doesn’t take to coffee as it used too. With the cortisol effect in mid life been one of the biggest factors and Being told to cut out coffee. That just goes against the grain for me. I am excited to find a post like this. There is nothing out there for me I have found. I am a coffee lover and refuse to give it up. Thank you for this awesome post. I shall get back… Read more »


I am looking to lose a lot of weight so you have caught my attention but I hate the taste of coffee.

Have you ever tried this or know if the coffee flavor can be toned down so us coffee haters can try this out?


I’m a big fan of different diets, because each one is unique it makes for an interesting discovery when you find what works for you. I may have to try out the Paleo diet for the simple reason that I dislike fastening. I like eating about 4 meals a day, or at the very least 3. I don’t go more or less than this. Do you think I would enjoy the Paleo? I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this. Cheers

Israel Olatunji
Israel Olatunji

Hello Anna,

Thanks for visiting and kudos for coming out with such a creative and helpful post here! You spoke about the similarities and differences between the Bulletproof and Paleo diets in making us healthier, more energetic and in stopping bad eating habits. This is amazing.

Excessive weight has constituted to the health issues of most people in life and, unfortunately, many people don’t know how to tackle this issue. Personally, I have a brother who needs to read this post so as to find a lasting solution to his excessive weight with these diets. Thanks for the information!

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