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Best Kitchen Knives in 2019



If you are looking for the best kitchen knives, you have to deal with some important things.

In addition to the selection of the perfect material, this also includes the question of the scope of the set.

For this, you should know the different types of knives and their areas of application.

Since it can be time-consuming, especially for hobby cooks to find an ideal set, we offer our test including a purchase recommendation to make a good decision without having to spend a lot of time with the research, because we have already accepted this.


The Best Kitchen Knives Purchase Guide

Every cook and every household needs good chef’s knives.

Without the right knives, cooking is much more complicated and more dangerous!

Because with a blunt blade, the risk of injury is significantly higher than with a well-sharpened knife. It plays a minor role, whether it is a high-quality brand or a cheap kitchen knife.

Before you buy a knife set, you should consider which type of knife you use the most in comparison, which material is suitable for you and set yourself a fixed budget.

With this preselection, the later price comparison is much easier and faster.

For a good overview of the manufacturers’ offer, see the top 5 list of the best kitchen knives in 2018.


Types Of Knives In The Set

The Best Kitchen KnivesOverall, no recommendation can be made as to which knives should be included in a set.

This depends on your personal preferences because as the best kitchen knife, it should, of course, be used by you with preference and not just lying on the side.

Experience has shown that everyone has different tastes in this regard because while some prefer to cut onions with the large chef’s knife, others prefer to use a small garnishing knife or a utility knife.

Therefore, you should not only listen to tests and reports but also be guided by your habits. Because even the best knife set in the world will hardly be enjoyable if it consists predominantly of knife sizes you rarely use.


The most common knife types in knife sets are:


  • Utility knife and paring or office knife. The blade of this knife is usually narrow and depending on the type, the blades are between 6 to 15cm long. Stainless steel utility knives are usually slightly longer than office knives. The blade is tapered and the knife is very good for cleaning, cutting and peeling fruits and vegetables.The Best Kitchen Knives
  • A boning knife is good for triggering bones and skinning meat and poultry.The Best Kitchen Knives
  • A bread knife has a jagged blade shape and a usually very long blade. It is optimized to cut loaves of bread.The Best Kitchen Knives
  • Filleting knives are long and thin cut. They are flexible, allowing them to walk well along the bones and bones. It is also very suitable for thin slicing of meat or ham, which is why it hardly differs from the ham knife, which in comparison can be even narrower and partly has a rounded blade.The Best Kitchen Knives
  • Fruit knife, fruit knife, and vegetable knife are compared to the serrated tomato knife slightly longer, have a smooth (up to about 9cm blade length) and also straight blade.The Best Kitchen Knives
  • A chef’s knife is a heavy-duty utility knife with a large blade, usually between 15 and 26cm long and ground on both sides. The Japanese counterpart, the Santoku, is in principle a large chef’s knife, which has a slightly wider but shorter blade that slopes down to the cutting edge.The Best Kitchen Knives

There are other special knives such as carving knives, meat knives, chopping knives or cheese, Tournier and salmon knives, which are usually included but a bit less in sets.


Blade Materials

You can choose mainly between three different materials.


  • Stainless steel
    The Best Kitchen Knives

Stainless steel blades are stainless and very durable. However, stainless steel knives need to be ground relatively frequently.

The material is dishwasher safe and suitable for most foodstuffs.

Some manufacturers offer stainless steel knives with an additional coating.

However, this is more likely to be discouraged if you want to buy a durable and high-quality knife, as over time, even with careful handling, the coating will solve.


  • Ceramics

The Best Kitchen KnivesCeramic blades remain sharp for a very long time.

They are very suitable for cutting all kinds of food. Also, for paring knives, a ceramic blade is very good.

However, you should avoid cutting very hard ingredients such as frozen foods, as the blades are fragile and in particular can easily break off the tips.

Usually, you will get a matching blade protection for the ceramic knife.

When cutting on hard surfaces such as glass cutting boards or granite or tiles, you must also be very careful.

The regrinding of a ceramic blade is very complex and hardly possible with simple grinding devices.


  • Damask

Damascus steel knives are made of a welded composite steel that combines different types of steel.

This makes the blade very hard and gives it a unique grain.

The knives are very durable and are ideal for a chef’s knife or bread knife.

Due to the hardness, the knives can be sharpened very sharply.

Note, however, that not all types of steel are always stainless. Therefore, damask knives should never be cleaned in the dishwasher, but only with lukewarm water and detergent by hand.

In addition to the different blade materials, there are also different handle materials such as wood, epoxy, plastic, metal or silicone, so you can buy exactly the knife set that best suits your desired combination.

Generally, the recommendation is never to clean sharp knives in the dishwasher, as cleaning by hand is always gentler and leads to a longer service life.

Also, the blade stays sharp longer when cleaning by hand.



The Top 5 List Of The Best Kitchen Knives In 2019

Hardly anything is more annoying to a cook than dull knives.

The worse the quality of the steel or ceramic used, the faster the blade blunts and – in the case of steel – must be reground.

That the top 5 of the best kitchen knives in the year 2018 also from priced to cheap descends is therefore not necessarily a coincidence.

In the test, it has been shown that a cheap kitchen knife, although initially may also be very sharp, but tends to dull faster.

The damask kitchen knives have by far the best in the test but are also priced significantly more expensive, which is why a purchase is only worthwhile if you want to use the knife accordingly very often or even professional.


1. Wakoli VG-10 Edib


As the best kitchen knife, the 4 Damascus knife set by Wakoli was able to prevail.

The price of the knife set is much higher than that of a standard hobby knife set, but the investment is well worth it if you often work with knives in the kitchen or have to rely on them being sharp and of high quality.

The damask knife advertises Wakoli itself as one of the sharpest knife sets in the world and in the test could confirm that.

As delivered, all knives were razor-sharp and made of very high quality.

Each knife is made of a special Damascus steel with a particularly hard middle layer.

The blades are made of highly alloyed ice-hardened carbon steel and therefore offer a very high sharpness.

Each Japanese kitchen knife consists of 67 individual layers, providing additional protection against breakage and corrosion.

The optics of the knives are unique, no knife is the same.

With a blade hardness of 60 + -2 HRC, the blades are absolutely unbreakable and robust.

The high-quality knives are rounded off by a handle made of precious wood.

The manufacturer’s assortment also includes a high-quality knife block, as these knives should never be kept in a knife drawer, but should always be kept safe and within reach.

Although they can, of course, be cleaned in the dishwasher, it is recommended – as every chef knows – to always wash the kitchen knives by hand.

The effort is minimal and the durability increases enormously, or the sharpness persists longer.





2. Twin Twin Pollux

The 3-piece knife set from Zwilling was able to convince the testers, as it offers an overall good price-performance ratio for a very high-quality processed knife set.

The stainless steel blades are ice-hardened and are called Friodur blades.

The high-quality handles are very handy, non-slip and promise a very long shelf life.

Even when regrinding the knives showed little weakness, so they can always be set back to a very sharp initial state.

The chef’s knife with a broad and powerful blade was particularly convincing, as it is ideally suited as an all-rounder in the kitchen.

The control room is smooth and the handling is excellent.

Some testers found the two smaller knives a bit too soft as the blade gave in well. But this is not a quality defect because the blades do not break, but only allow a more flexible work with the knives. Especially with more flexible blades, a high degree of sharpness is essential.

In order to preserve this longer, the use of cutting boards made of bamboo, wood or plastic is recommended.

In comparison to Damascus knives, the sharpness is a bit lower, but still very good and absolutely sufficient for almost all applications.

Especially in the hobby area, the set is absolutely recommended.





3. Wakoli Mikata

Wakoli’s Damascus Set of 3 knives were convincing across the board, even if they are a bit too expensive for many amateur cooks.

Due to the unique structure and material processing, the knives are not only razor-sharp and look excellent due to the 67 steel layers, but are also very easy to sand, so that they can always be set back into a razor-sharp state even after years.

Mikata is used as a handle material for the knives. This is a composite material that is made of different components.

This fits perfectly with the blades, as many layers of the starting material (for example, fabric or veneer) are firmly bonded, pressed and sanded together with a bonding agent (such as epoxy resin).

The result is a unique handle that theoretically has an infinite life.

The hardness of the blades is optimal with 60 + -2HRC for kitchen knives, because here no tip breaks off and the work goes almost by itself.





4. Victorinox 5-Piece Chef’s Knife Set

The knife set by Victorinox offers a cheap way for home cooks to get a high-quality knife set.

Victorinox saves a bit on handle quality, as they are kept simple.

While this does not adversely affect the durability of the handles, it is merely an optical factor.

Overall, the knife set consists of 5 knives, of which two small kitchen knives, a small and a large bread knife and an all-around / carving knife with a length of 19cm.

The good combination of knives offers a high level of functionality, especially for home cooks, since all the knives contained are multifunctional and the set is a good combination of allrounders, vegetables, and fruit knives as well as meat knives.

In terms of price, the high-quality knife set is located in the middle field and is very sharp in the brand-new condition.

Resharpening is also possible, however, even when cleaning in the dishwasher the knives could keep their sharpness for a long time. This is certainly also a decisive criterion for many home cooks.

If you are looking for good knives for a relatively low price, you should look at the Victorinox set.





5. Cuisinart C55-01-12PCKS Advantage Color Collection

If you want to save a little of the kitchen knife set, you should look at the set of 6 knives from Cuisinart.

Pricewise it is probably the best kitchen knife set currently available on the market.

In terms of price, it is almost unbeatable in relation to the degree of severity.

It comes with 8″ Chef Knife, 8″ Slicing Knife, 8″ Serrated Bread Knife, 7″ Santoku Knife, and 6.5″ Utility Knife, 3.5″ Paring Knife.

The blades are made of high-quality stainless steel blades.

The knives are provided with motifs and colorfully colored.

The knife set includes 6 knives and 6 knife covers.

The set will definitely add colors to your kitchen and made your cooking experience more joyful.




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Loved the post. Thanks. Timing could not have been better as I am in the market for a new set. My old ones just aren’t cutting it anymore;) What do you consider a “reasonable” price for a good set of knives that will last for at least 10 years?


thanks for the good advice. I do not know much about knives but in your post, I got a lot of information. I immediately liked Damascus steel knives. Do you think these knives are good for amateur cooks? Or maybe Twin Twin Pollux with the high-quality handles and the stainless steel blades.
Hmm… It’s a great choice and it’s hard to decide.
Best regards.

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