Healthy Paleo Granola Cookies – ‘Super’ Cookies For Your Body

By Anna / February 17, 2018 /

Cookies. Who does not like cookies? What if I tell you that there is a recipe for ‘super’ cookies. The cookies, that will not be just tasty and healthy but will fill you with energy and all necessary nutrients and minerals. Let me introduce you to the healthy Paleo granola cookies. So how are these…

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The Whole 30 Diet Plan

By Anna / April 2, 2018 /

  Are you looking to get slimmer by the summer? Or maybe getting fitter is your New Year’s resolution? Then you have probably noticed the variety of diet options. It is very easy to get overwhelmed with the information regarding each of these diets. The Whole 30 Diet Plan is a relatively new diet plan…

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What Is Almond Milk Made Of And Is It Good For You?

By Anna / February 8, 2018 /

Nowadays almost every grocery store will have almond milk/beverage on its shelves. It gets more and more popular among people who follow low-carb diets and the paleo diet will be one of them. If you follow the paleo diet principles or even just started, dairy is one of the foods that is excluded from the…

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Baked Rabbit Recipe – Rabbit in Tomato and Apple Cider Vinegar Sauce

By Anna / March 7, 2018 /

The domesticated rabbit is definitely not a common food for most Americans. You might even have never tried any baked rabbit recipe as it is not something you got used to eating every week. However, in Europe rabbits are quite a common food. The rabbit meat is rich in protein and is a great alternative…

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Mediterranean Diet Vs Paleo Diet – Which Diet Is Better?

By Anna / May 31, 2018 /

Have you ever heard anything about the Mediterranean diet before? I bet you did! It is one of the most popular diets that is considered to be the healthiest diets by the American dietary guidelines and many more. It is also recommended by the majority of doctors as a healthy way to improve your health…

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The Paleo_Diet_Grocery_List

The Paleo Diet Grocery List – Essentials For The Week

By Anna / January 28, 2018 /

Starting something new, whether it is a diet or any other task, requires some preparation. When it comes to starting a new diet, the hardest part is to adjust your usual grocery list to the changes. When I decided to go on the paleo diet, honestly, I thought I was prepared when I stepped into…

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Primal Diet Vs Paleo Diet – Is It The Same?

By Anna / May 8, 2018 /

A lot of us, especially who are starting the Paleo diet journey, believe that the terms Primal Diet and the Paleo Diet are interchangeable. And what makes it even more confusing is that a lot of Paleo/Primal authors do not distinguish these two terms and even specify that it is basically the same diet. But…

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Homemade Almond Meal Recipe – 3 Easy Steps

By Anna / February 20, 2018 /

We love the almond meal and almond flour. It is grain free and allows substituting wheat in a lot of baking recipes. If you follow paleo or ketogenic diet almond meal or flour is a must have the item in your pantry (find here the paleo diet grocery list). You can find almond meal and…

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Paleo Diet And Benefits – Get Fit And Healthy

By Anna / February 3, 2018 /

We all have our own goals when it comes to dieting. For some people it is to lose weight, for others is to improve their overall health. Some people might question the paleo diet and benefits it provides. However, there are so many testimonials of people who choose to stay on the paleo diet not…

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Paleo Orange Chia Seed Pudding

By Anna / June 9, 2018 /

Have you heard anything about chia seeds? A lot of modern diets use chia seeds in different recipes. A lot of articles have been written about the health benefits of chia seeds. The most common recipe that uses chia seeds is pudding. The chia seed pudding can be used as a dessert or can be…

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