Atkins Diet Vs Paleo Diet – What Is The Difference?

By Anna / April 29, 2018 /

If you are looking for a diet, you have probably noticed the variety of options available. Moreover, it is not that easy to get your head around all of them. And then it is even harder to understand which one will suit your needs the best. In Atkins diet vs Paleo Diet, we will discuss…

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Is Sugar Bad For You?

By Anna / April 9, 2018 /

Sugar is one of the most powerful food additives. We love sugar and it is one of the foods that we really have a hard time to give up. Especially when it comes to weight loss. We are so used to add sugar or other sweeteners to pretty much any type of food. Moreover, if…

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How to start the paleo diet

How To Start The Paleo Diet – 8 Useful Tips

By Anna / March 26, 2018 /

Starting something new is always a challenge. Why? Well, simply because you will need to do your research first, then analyze your current situation, plan the new course and then go to action. For some people, it looks way too much work and they tend to find easier solutions that might not be the best…

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What Is Intermittent Fasting And How Does It Work On The Paleo Diet?

By Anna / April 22, 2018 /

If you are following one of the modern dieting waves (specifically, the keto or bulletproof diet), you have probably heard something about intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting becomes more and more popular, especially among people who are looking to lose weight. Though not a lot of us actually understand what is intermittent fasting and how does…

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Easy Cauliflower Bread Recipe

By Anna / January 26, 2018 /

One of the foods that are not allowed on the paleo diet is grains (particularly, wheat). But most of us used to having bread on the table. Or what about pizza or burger buns? Below I will provide you with an easy cauliflower bread recipe that can be used as a substitute for bread, or…

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AIP Diet Plan

AIP Diet Plan 101

By Anna / August 10, 2018 /

If you have an autoimmune disease your healthcare practitioner, more likely, have recommended you to make some diet changes. Some would even recommend following the Paleo diet. However, even within the Paleo diet, there are some modifications that could make you wonder, which one you actually need. Autoimmune Protocol, or AIP Diet Plan, is a…

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How Does Gluten Affect Your Body?

By Anna / March 29, 2018 /

Nowadays the word ‘gluten’ is associated with non-healthy lifestyle. Why simple bread that for generations people used to eat and enjoy is getting such a bad reputation? Why more and more people all over the world become gluten intolerant or sensitive? Why more and more dietitians or nutritionists recommend excluding gluten from their patient’s diets?…

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paleo granola crackers

Paleo Granola Crackers

By Anna / June 21, 2018 /

Snack is a type of food that a lot of us are worried about when they decide to go Paleo or following any other healthy diet. Even though the Paleo diet contains a lot of fiber-rich foods that will keep you full for longer, it is still nice to have some sort of snack options whenever…

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Paleo Plan – Make A Change Now!

By Anna / April 15, 2018 /

Are you in search of a meal plan that will help you lose weight and feel healthier? The Paleo Plan might be a great one-stop solution. It is a meal planning service that follows the paleo diet principles. The Paleo Diet is a diet that is based on the foods that our ancestors used to…

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Best Slow Cooker Paleo Chili Recipe

By Anna / January 31, 2018 /

Chili is one of the most popular foods to cook, especially in winter. There are so many recipes for chili online. But the one we would like to have in our recipe book is the best chili recipe with no beans, as beans are not recommended eating on the paleo diet (find out here why).…

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